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Relationship Talk: My girlfriend has another boyfriend & refuses to let go

Distressed black man.

She says she loves us both and does not want to lose any of us till fate and God decides

Dear Bukky,

I have a girl who’s had a boyfriend before we started dating and actually told me about it. The guy is in school with her while I stay in the same neighborhood with her [back home].

She says she loves us both and does not want to lose any of us till fate and God decides but she has the guys pics as her wallpaper and even WhatsApp wallpaper.

Her parents and siblings know me and some of her siblings know the other guy.

I am just so confused. Do I have a future with her or should I let her go?

Dear reader;

Ask yourself; ‘what exactly do I want from this relationship?’

‘What do I want from this girl?’

If it’s something serious you seek, then I don’t think this is the right relationship for you. That kind of relationship, by its very nature, demands exclusivity.

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And obviously, exclusivity is the last thing here between you three.

But if it’s a sexual relationship or some other casual affair that’s on your mind and she’s cool with it, then just go with the flow. But I won’t advise you to affix too much importance to this.

You clearly can’t have this woman to yourself only. You need to let go if that’s what you seek.
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